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Soup Drive

Soup drive 2.png

On the 15th August 2018 Women’s Legal Service (SA) hosted our first ever Soup Drive:



With the support from the Public café who allowed us to set up on their sidewalk we were able to reach our target in donations.

Thank you to the following sponsors who made this event possible:

Maggie Beer and Maggie Beer’s Farm shop 

Skala Bakery 

Oven hire 

The Public Café

 Adelaide City Council

In 2019 we were able to build on our success from the previous Warm Up and Serve this year we were able to secure a spot in Victoria Square from the Adelaide City Council.

Without the following supports this would not have been possible:

Lucia’s at the Central Markets



Skala Bakery 

Oven hire 

Festival Hire 

Adelaide City Council

Soup drive.png
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