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We in the solar energy special gel batteries market development, often meet customers call to consult, my project is more urgent, nearby auto parts market there are several selling car battery, can the car battery applied to the solar energy system. Here, battery manufacturers remind you that the two are not universal, what is the difference between the special colloidal solar battery and the automobile battery?

1, the application environment of the two is different, the use of solar gel batteries environment is worse than the car battery, the car battery is generally installed on the car, the space environment conditions are better than the deep underground solar battery in the field.

2, the discharge current of the two is different, the solar gel batteries is a long-term small current discharge, and the car battery is an instant high current start discharge.

3, different depth of discharge: solar gel batteries discharge depth is big, generally 8 to 10 hours night lighting, solar street lamps to continuous discharge, battery in rainy day, battery charged and not during the day, the depth of discharge of 70% or more often, if the solar street light system of battery configuration is small, the battery is often happened in the situation. The car battery is only an instant start discharge, even if the night driving, battery discharge process at the same time the car is charging the battery, the discharge depth is shallow.

4, charging protection is different, solar gel batteries is through solar panels to absorb sunlight to convert light energy into electric energy for battery charging, rainy or insufficient light, the battery is in the state of undercharging; When the light is sufficient, the battery is in the overcharging state, and there are seasonal undercharging and overcharging phenomena. The car battery in the driving, has been in the floating charging state, has a good charging guarantee, at the same time the car charging control system for charging current and voltage control, with temperature compensation function.

The above is the difference between solar energy special gel batteries and automobile battery, therefore, in the solar energy system, the best use of solar energy special gel batteries, can ensure the stable operation of the system.

tom lee

tom lee

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