Our Vision

The vision of Women’s Legal Service (SA) is achieving justice for women.

Our Objectives

  • To provide legal advice and representation to women within South Australia, particularly in areas where needs are not being met;
  • To educate women and the community in general, so women can participate wholly and competently in legal matters affecting them;
  • To initiate, promote and undertake research and evaluation of existing laws and legal processes within the context of the current social structure and work towards law reform in those areas of particular relevance to women;
  • To improve women’s access to the legal system and remove barriers to that access.
  • To work in conjunction with other organisations, including women’s organisations, to promote structural and legislative changes;
  • To undertake test cases with a view to redressing women’s inequality;
  • To work towards the implementation of the principles of the United Nations Convention for the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women” and any other international treaties relevant to these objects; and
  • To work towards the goal of empowerment of all women within the legal system and consequently within society.